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17 November 2005

MG Research in Australia.

Dr Stephen Reddel, Neurologist, of the Concord Hospital in NSW Australia advises:

“The international thymectomy trial has received formal NIH (National Institutes of Health USA) funding and will be going ahead mid 2006. There are two Australian centres in Melbourne and in Sydney, of the -70, with planned recruitment of 200 plus individuals worldwide to be randomised to thymectomy or no thymectomy. The key will be that patients will be assessed clinically by an observer who must not know whether they have had the procedure (and the NIH is making some fancy polonecked tops for the occasion!)

Randomisation to a surgical procedure is a very difficult thing to ask of a person and we understand that. As I am sure many know this is a struggle for the doctors to explain yet alone for the patients to have to accept – every time someone newly diagnosed comes along. The only way to properly answer this is with the trial – so I would encourage those with an understanding of the uncertainty to consider randomisation when recruitment starts.”

In addition Dr Reddel says:

“Dr Bill Phillips and myself have received a grant for research into anti-MuSK antibodies from patients with myasthenia gravis – we will be trying to establish exactly how they damage the neuromuscular junction which is presently bnot well understood – and needs to be understood so we can develop better treatments. Some patients with MuSK autoantibodies may be asked to give some extra blood and we will be grateful for any assistance – as always!”


15 August 2005 - The Handbook Launch

‘A Handbook for Myasthenics’

The Handbook will be launched by Dr Rob Edis FRACP a neurologist with longstanding interest in Myasthenia Gravis (MG).
The Handbook is a support tool for medical practitioners to hand to diagnosed Myasthenics.