MG Friends & Support Group

Myasthenia Gravis Friends & Support Group WA Inc

Some find it easy to live with MG, others find it difficult.

A GP, the late Dr Ingram, established the Western Australian Support Group, firstly in Bunbury and later in the Metropolitan Area with a view to supporting sufferers.

In October 2003 the Group was incorporated and its stated aims are:

“To provide support and information to Myasthenics and
those who care for Myasthenics and to raise awareness
of the disease in the community and with health professionals.”

Telephone and e-mail support is available on the telephone number and e-mail address shown on our contact page.

Newsletters are e-mailed or posted out to all on the mailing list, which at present numbers over fifty.

Myasthenics, family and friends, gather Quarterly, at a coffee morning. Traditionally these have been held in private homes, with as many as forty attending and on occasions speakers present information on subjects of interest such as “Getting the most out of your GP” and “Mechanisms and Management of Myasthenia Gravis”. Talks are always well received with lively discussion taking place. On other occasions the group share their experiences on such topics as “coping skills”, with newcomers given ample opportunity to ask questions of the assembled group, or in one on one conversation over coffee. Much encouragement is given to anyone feeling “down” and the coffee mornings are always full of humour, but more importantly, the collective knowledge of those attending, helps all.

A small Committee not only picks up the task of raising awareness of the disease, but also manages the finances of the group.

Running costs such as telephone, postage, printing, public liability insurance and membership of the Neurological Foundation, are met from donations and the group’s own membership fees.

Two treating Neurologists have said that support from groups such as the Myasthenia Gravis Friends and Support Group WA Inc is an important element in understanding and living successfully with myasthenia gravis.